Olympic symbols

The Beijing 2008 mascots are the 5 Fuwa (good luck dolls) representing both the Chinese culture and the colors of the Olympic rings.

Olympic rings

The Olympic rings symbolize the union between men. It is composed of five rings - colored blue, yellow, black, green, and red – to represent the colors of the different flags of the countries participating in the games. Unlike the other Olympic symbols the Olympic ring remains the same.


The Beijing 2008 Olympics emblem is the “Dancing Beijing” Chinese seal. It signifies the entire country’s commitment to the Olympic movement, enthusiasm in inviting visitors to come and celebrate the Olympics with them, and their hopes for a “New Beijing.”


The medals are inscribed with dragon patterns.


The 2008 Beijing Olympic mascots are made up of the four of the most popular animals of China including a fish, panda, Tibetan antelope, and a swallow. Aside from the animals a cartoon Olympic torch is also one of the mascots.

Olympic torch

The Beijing Olympic torch is a beautiful unique piece that was made not only with aesthetics in mind but with emphasis on the concept of the Olympics being green, high-tech, and for the people. Much work has gone into the design phase so much so that it took 2 years from conceptualization before the torch was approved. The work has paid off because the end result is a torch that is undeniably artistic, environmental friendly, and technologically advanced.

The slogan

The 2008 Olympic slogan is “One World, One Dream” which calls the world to unite in the Olympic spirit and build a better future for minkind.

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