Olympics Day 1

China is leading with 2 Gold medals while the USA follow with an historical full podium in fencing sabre (gold, silver, bronze).

On Saturday, China is leading in the Olympic race to sports supremacy with 2 of the first 7 gold medals.

The 5 remaining gold medals were shared among the USA, South Korea, the Czech Republic, Spain and Romania.

China Olympic Gold Medal Winners

  • Men’s 10m Pistol Shooting (Wei Pang, China)
  • Women’s 48kg Weightlifting (Xiexia Chen, China, 2 New Olympic Records)
  • Women’s fencing sabre (Mariel Zagunis, United States)
  • Men’s -60kg judo (Choi Min-Ho, South Korea)
  • Women’s 10m air rifle title (Katerina Emmons, Czech Republic, New Olympic Record)
  • Women’s -60Kg judo (Alina Alexandra Dumitru, Roumania)
  • Men Cycling - Individual Road Race (Samuel S├ínchez, Spain, Time: 6.23.49)

Michael Phelps of the United States set a new Olympic Recard at the Men’s 400m individual medley with 4.07.82 seconds.

Judo Videos

More video on the NBC Olympics site.

4 Comments about “Olympics Day 1”

  1. dan Says:

    Nothing about the murder of the innocent US tourist?

  2. TexSport Publications Says:

    Great post. Phelps just won the gold medal in the 400 IM. He set a new world record.

  3. admin Says:

    Todd Bachman, father of 2004 volleyball Olympian Elisabeth Bachman, was killed and his wife Barbara seriously injured following the attack at a popular Beijing tourist site.

    They were stabbed several times at the Drum Tower monument in the city centre.

    Their assailant then committed suicide by jumping from the second storey of the 13th century landmark. The motive for the attack remains a mystery, especially as it is rare for foreigners in China to be the victims of violent crime.

    The attack, which also resulted in their female Chinese guide being injured, happened despite high security across the capital on the first full day of Olympic competition, with more than 150,000 police and other personnel on patrol.

  4. American Interests Says:

    This was sad. It was good to see the U.S. men’s volleyball team edge Venezuela while playing without there head coach who lost his father in law in the attack. I just read that the victims wife remains in a critical but stable condition after eight hours of surgery.

    All the best with this blog!

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