Beijing Olympics Day 2

China is comforting its lead with 6 Gold medals while the USA are equal for the medal total count (8).

On sunday, China is leading in the Olympic race to sports supremacy with 4 new gold medals (6 gold and 2 silver total).

The remaining gold medals were shared among South Korea, the United States, Italy, Japan, Australia, the Netherlands, Great Britain and Thailand.

China Olympic Gold Medal Winners of the day

  • Michael Phelps of the United States set a new Olympic Record at the Men’s 400m individual Medley with 4.03.84 seconds.
  • Women’s Synchronised 3m Springboard Diving (GUO Jingjing, WU Minxia, China)
  • Weightlifting: Qingquan Long (-56 kg) and Xiexia Chen (-48 kg) (China)
  • Women judo -52 kg (XIAN Dongmei, China)
  • Women’s 10m Air Pistol Shooting (GUO Wenjun, China)
  • Men’s -56kg Weightlifting (LONG Qingquan, China)
  • Women’s Team Archery (PARK Sung-Hyun, YUN Ok-Hee, JOO Hyun-Jung, South Korea)
  • Men’s 400m Freestyle Swimming (PARK Taehwan, South Korea)
  • Women’s Road Race Cycling - Road (COOKE Nicole, UK)
  • Men’s Individual Epee Fencing (TAGLIARIOL Matteo, Italy)

Diving Video - China Gold

Archery Video - China vs Korea

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